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The Reading Works stable of literacy books written by experienced classroom teacher Ellie Hallett began several years ago with a series of twelve reading books and its companion teaching manual. However, over the years, many other books have been added as you can see by the row of buttons above.

The reason these books were written was to put together ideas and methods that had been proven to not only work, but work so well that every student will feel the pleasure of success and achievement.

Alphabet Sound Chart for Beginner Readers

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This sound chart is perfect for small-group learning. It provides an introduction to the initial sounds and letter shapes of the English alphabet.

Say these daily in as many ways as possible.
A3 format.

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An A4 chart is also available.
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The Vowels book Stage 1 tells the full story of all 30 sounds for the 6 single-letter vowels in English (a e i o u and y as a vowel). It also introduces briefly the schwa as preparation for The Schwa book wholly dedicated to this sound. Stage 2 in the book provides a simple sentence to go with the same picture as Stage 1; Stage 3 in the book provides more complex sentences to go with the same picture as Stage 1.

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Thirty sounds of the 21 single consonant letters in the English alphabet are set out in an easy-to-follow system to ensure success for all learners.
The added advantage for the teacher is being able to assess the progress of each learner in transit to not only notice a learning gap, but to be able to remedy it in the moment before it grows into becoming a learning difficulty.

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Wonder Words is a companion book to the first two books in the READING WORKS series.

The 70+ pages are graded in difficulty, and there is space on each page for optional writing.
This book also helps develop left to right eye-muscle movement as an automatic response when decoding a word. Every page has a full-colour illustration, each a learning drawcard.

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This book has 41 blends, where letters keep their individual sounds when placed together.

Three important concepts come into play here: that written letters in pairs and groups need to be seen with a left to right eye movement; that when converting visual graphemes to aural sounds they need to be said in a smooth left to right sequence; and a flow of air from the lungs needs to join – i.e. blend – these letter sounds together as a single unit.

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This book has 56 examples of letters that when placed together create a new sound. The aural, oral and visual aspects of language link meaning, vocabulary, writing, thinking, self-talk and communication.
The words and sentence examples in this book demonstrate that digraphs can be found in sometimes surprising places within words.

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This unobtrusive but important vowel sound has at last been given its rightful place in the sun.
Spelling errors and incorrect pronunciations are frequently made because of an unawareness of this rather neglected sound.

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In this unusual collection there are over 200 words, pictures and sentences to assist the teacher and learner.
Only three letters in the alphabet are never silent.

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This collection has over 70 everyday contractions together with a sentence for each that entertains as well as informs.
Contractions can be especially difficult for those with a non-English-speaking background as well as being confusing for many beginner readers.
This book has been written with both groups in mind.

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The 195 plurals without s presented here are vocabulary-rich and informative.
The teacher will enjoy using these sentences to teach parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs and so on), reinforce punctuation, discuss sequential thinking, apply spelling rules - and foster a love for creating prose and poetry.  Every page has a wide spectrum of lesson possibilities to enable the teacher to build imaginative and valuable lessons to suit a wide range of abilities.

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The reader will find hundreds of fully illustrated homophones + heteronyms here as both a reference and a very helpful teaching resource.
Opportunities to develop fluent reading are another aspect of this book. The heteronym collection has a few surprises.

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This book of lists is a definitive reference that sets out all the sounds, silences, doubles, exceptions and essential details for every letter of the English alphabet.
Students and teachers will particularly enjoy this book's visual appeal and well-researched information provided.

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This is yet another definitive work. There are 53 IPA symbols in all, each one carefully linked to its representative phonemes and graphemes.
As a teaching resource, this book of lists is a perfect springboard for a wide range of teacher-directed language activities. These include spelling, creative work (both oral and written), dictionary games, research skill development, reporting, hearing small differences in words - and more.

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As the name suggests, this book provides ideas, suggestions and a multitude of ways for the time-poor teacher be able to present a whole raft of high-powered lessons. The multiple and varied aspects of language education are covered within these pages.
The information here is easy to use and very practical, and can cherry-picked to suit the needs of the teacher.
As a demonstration of how many lessons are possible from just one row in one book, an example from the Consonants book (click here) has been given the 'full treatment' of what is possible.

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Complete set of READING WORKS
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  'Why is meny wrong?'

'And what's the matter with dresst [dressed]
because that's what you said!'

READING WORKS fills in the gaps of learning and teaching English literacy so that questions such as the ones above simply do not happen. Written by a highly experienced teacher who has taught hundreds of children to read, the series is rigorous, energetic, enjoyable, well-graded, a bit quirky, vocabulary-rich, imaginative and thorough.

The teacher, parent, home schooler, speech therapist, special needs teacher, EAL/D and gifted child educators will each find this series particularly helpful because it is systematic, self-motivating, innovative and user-friendly.

Best of all, READING WORKS provides the detail and nothing is left out or assumed. The result? High-level learning success for all abilities.

Where are the worksheets?
The emphasis in these books is on speaking, listening, enjoying, using, exploring and seeing language in action.

The teacher therefore has the freedom to devise short and pertinent written activities to suit the needs of their learners 'in the moment' rather than fitting all learners to a one-size-(doesn't)-fit-all worksheet. 

Why only hard copies?
The author believes that the close tactile contact with a real book has a great many advantages over a screened version. A real book is physically closer, and it can be controlled by the learner to linger over the words, re-read the sentences, study the pictures – and allow for that all-important revision step – the time to think.


READING WORKS is suitable for

  • beginners to advanced first language learners
  • EFL/ESL students of all ages and backgrounds
  • children, teens, adults, groups, individuals
  • schools and home learning
  • teachers wanting a ‘no gaps’ system
  • literacy coaches, parents, speech therapists.

READING WORKS has been written as resource material to help students learn and teachers teach the intricacies of English.

Using full-colour illustrations to reinforce each point and make learning enjoyable, the books are graded from easy to advanced - offering reinforcement learning, challenges and a lot of fun along the way.

The mini-story sentences and pictures in READING WORKS have been designed and selected specifically to stimulate interactive expert-led discussions, to join together phonics and everyday language, and to bring the real world of wonder and humanity into the classroom.

Books can be ordered securely through PayPal
directly from the author.

Any questions? Please contact Ellie.