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About Ellie Hallett

Ellie left home in Grafton, NSW, aged sixteen, to go to the newly opened Wollongong Teachers' College. After graduation, she taught in country and city Primary schools for twelve years until being accepted into a four-year full-time Music Education Course at the NSW Conservatorium of Music. This course included English at university level for teaching in secondary schools as well as Music. Ellie graduated with a Dip Mus Ed (Merit) and Private Piano Teaching Accreditation.

Ellie taught Secondary Music and English for several years until returning to Primary teaching as a Co-ordinator and Demonstration Teacher in a K-6 Disadvantaged Schools Program. After this three-year appointment, Ellie returned to being a generalist class teacher for several years until becoming a primary music and literacy specialist. It was during this time that she began to write, starting with speech rhymes, plays and musicals, and later, performance items for Assembly requested by fellow-teachers. (The Three Little Pigs and the Senses comes from this time, as also do many of the Loud Plays and Loud Poems.)

Now retired from the classroom and living in Toowoomba, Queensland, Ellie has the time to write full-time. Being a musician as well as a literacy specialist, the sounds of English are a strong focal point in her literacy writing.

Having taught hundreds of children to read, Ellie is yet to find the child unable to read with understanding by the age of seven.

In her books, the exhilaration of success is given its rightful place. Reading is meant to be a cheerful, successful, interactive and intensely human way of enriching one's life.

Being able to speak and think requires words that have been learnt along the way, not only from books but also from conversations and hearing others speak. This love of words is the philosophy that shines through all her work.

Oracy is one of the greatest gifts a person can have.












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More about Reading Works - Learn to read, speak and understand English
READING WORKS is listening, seeing, saying, using, thinking, communicating and breathing sounds, words, sentences and their meaning, with a teacher leading the way. The result? Being able to read and write becomes a natural partner to talking, and as such is a much-loved lifelong companion for all those who want it to be a part of their lives. The series is introduced with a sound chart to teach the important concept that all the sounds of spoken English have a letter representative (grapheme). A personal-sized (A4) Sound Chart is included free with each order of the Vowels and Consonants books, and A3 posters can be ordered for classroom and bedroom door use. The first two books in READING WORKS series expand all of the vowel and consonant sounds (and silences) in English. Wonder Words moves to the next step of demonstrating how these individual sounds can be joined together from left to right to form words. Reading is given a meaningful purpose by being able to reflect feelings, ideas and opinions as well as stretch the mind, inform and entertain. Writing certainly joins in every now and again, but as a partner rather than being the main vehicle. (More details and practical ideas are in the Nuts and Bolts Teaching Manual.)
Rationale behind the READING WORKS Series
The author's research has indicated that there is nothing on the market that covers the breadth and depth of the topics covered here, nor have they such a strong pleasure-to-use aspect built into each page. Written work is teacher-devised, a distinct advantage because written exercises can be tailored to suit the learners rather than making the learners fit the written work. Many children arrive at school with little oral language experience, a small vocabulary and inadequate experience using words to express thoughts and ideas. READING WORKS helps fill in this huge shortfall of knowledge. READING WORKS also aims to make literacy learning instantly appealing to both the students and their teachers. Each book is set out in logical and well-designed topic areas. The grading of these topics begins with the simple and goes through to highly advanced. Each book is meticulously thorough, educationally sound and has 'real world' validity so that the outside world of wonder and excitement comes into the classroom. Each ability level is catered to so that morale-boosting success happens from day one. The teaching notes (Nuts and Bolts Literacy Teaching Manual) guide the teacher, literacy coach, therapist and carer for best-possible outcomes. The READING WORKS books follow the Vygotsky philosophy where the teacher expert works with their learners to stretch and lift their potential, much as a coach trains sportspeople to reach ever greater heights of achievement. Teachers will find that learners will invariably progress well beyond what was thought to be possible. English is more and more urgently needed by the whole world because it has become the international language of communication and commerce. READING WORKS has been written to help make English more accessable.
READING WORKS begins with a systematic phonics instruction. It not only promotes but celebrates fluent and expressive guided repeated oral reading via the mini-stories. Teachers, peers, literacy coaches and parents each have a significant and positive role regarding each learner's on-going word recognition knowledge, fluency, vocabulary, visualisation, the ability to express ideas - and the comprehension of both spoken and written language across a range of grade and subject levels. The more children read, the better their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. High-quality teaching in the primary years, as elsewhere, is crucial to children’s success. READING WORKS helps teachers and parents to achieve exactly this.

Access to a good education is a universal human right. Being able to read and speak clearly, using a good vocabulary, is essential to success and enjoyment in all aspects of life.

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