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   'Why is meny wrong?'

'And what's the matter with dresst [dressed]
because that's what you said!'

This is a series of twelve reading books and a comprehensive teaching manual. The series is called READING WORKS because it works for learners of all abilities - and it helps teachers teach literacy in the fullest sense of the word. Vocabulary, Visualisation and Verbalisation are key focus points. They work together in such a way that makes learning a daily adventure rather than a predictable trip into tedium. Click for more details.

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The Sounds of English
$20.00   (48 pages)
$20.00   (54 pages)
$20.00   (64 pages)
$20.00   (70 pages)
The Schwa
$17.00    (22 pages)
Silent Letters
$17.00    (28 pages)
$17.00    (28 pages)
$19.00    (70 pages)
Homophones and Hetronyms
$19.00    (42 pages)
A-Z Letters and their Sounds
$19.00    (35 pages)
International Phonetic Alphabet
$19.00    (50 pages)
Literacy Teaching Manual
$40.00    (98 pages)
Wonder Words
$20.00    (68 pages)
Alphabet Sound Chart
A3: $2.00       A4: $1.00  

Complete set of READING WORKS
$295.00 (+ P&P)
Save $$$ by ordering a complete set of the above books (one of each).

Oral Language, Speech and Drama

Mighty Mouth Movers

Mighty Mouth Movers is a set of two books – the Student Book and the packed-to-the-rafters-with-ideas Teaching Manual.

These rhymes were written to make the serious business of teaching literacy – and in particular how to speak, read and use English – a joyous learning adventure.

The world of wonder comes bouncing into the classroom as each rhyme is explored, helped in no small measure by the illustrations of Sydney artist, Noeline Cassettari.

The Student Book provides word study as you've never seen it before. The vowels of English hold centre-stage in the (odd-numbered as 1, 3 etc) chant lines of the rhymes, with the consonants playing important supporting roles.

The story lines (even numbered lines) are mini-adventures that are a springboard for all sorts of teacher-learner discussion. Language is thus being used as it is in real life – to communicate and stimulate ideas.

The Teaching Manual has more than a year's worth of imaginative and innovative ideas from which the teacher can cherry-pick to suit the experience of the learners.

Drama improvisation, creative thinking, research topics to explore, science, geography, history, drawing, mathematics, vocabulary development, spelling accuracy, mouth muscle awareness, speech clarity, teamwork and putting thoughts into words are just some of the many high-level outcomes achievable in this Mighty Mouth Mover package.
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Student Book
(47 pages A4)
Teaching Manual
(92 pages A4)

Oral Language in Action

This is a series of three books for Pre-schoolers, Beginner Readers and Budding Actors, graded to enrich vocabulary development, correct pronunciation, spoken language fluency, creative thinking, logical reasoning and reading. These books include a feast of ideas, teaching notes and suggestions for high-quality learning.
Each page has the potential to lift literacy learning out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.    
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Oral Language in Action
for Pre-Schoolers and
$30.00    (69 pages)
Oral Language in Action
for Beginner Readers

$30.00    (55 pages)
Oral Language in Action
for Budding Actors

$30.00    (82 pages)

Very Loud Poems and Limericks

The Very Loud Poems Series encourages readers to say out loud and share these original stories in verse. Each has vivid imagery, presents a wide vocabulary in context, is rhythmic, entertaining and quirky, and encourages clarity and vocal expression. All are handsomely illustrated in colour.        Click for more details and to purchase.


$10.00    (28 pages A5)
The Three Little Pigs
in rhyme
$10.00   (10 pages A5)
$10.00   (24 pages A5)
(30 pages A5)
Slick Limericks
(36 pages A4)

Limericks (above)
This is a brand new collection fully illustrated in colour. Not only to be entertaining, these limericks were written with educational and social benefits in mind. These include encouraging vocal expression and reading fluency, strengthening the memory, stretching all abilities of reader beyond their perceived potential, encouraging solo through to group performance, especially for less confident readers, increasing word knowledge, and demonstrating that reading is tremendously good fun.

Hot off the press ...

This brand new book will please teachers, speech specialists, parents and most importantly, children who love performing for an audience as well as those needing encouragement to be verbally more confident.

Tongue-twisters, limericks and lots of other short and snappy rhymes will have all abilities of reader having more fun than they thought possible.

Loud Poems for Noisy Kids

(24 pages full colour A4)

Very Loud Stories

The format of stories in rows was designed and tested in the classroom by Ellie. It was so successful that it became the structure for all the stories in this series.

Partners (or a small group) take it in turn to read and listen to the text of each row. The advantage is that, unlike a play where the speaking parts are of unequal length, each reader here has equal speaking and listening time.

     Click for more details ...
Echo and Narcissus
(Set of 2 books)
$10.00   (15 pages A5)
The Fox and the Crow
(Set of 2 books)
$10.00    (16 pages A5)
King Midas and
the Golden Touch
(Set of 2 books)
$10.00   (18 pages A5)

Henny Penny
(Set of 2 books)
$12.00    (A5)

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
(Set of 2 books)
  $12.00    (A5)

Very Loud Plays

This series (two at the moment but more to come), comprises two Greek myths that are a part of our world's ever-fresh literary heritage. After reading or performing these plays, the reader and listener will be a great deal richer in their self-knowledge as well as in their understanding of human nature. Beautiful artworks and sculptures illustrate these plays, adding art appreciation to this verbal feast. Click for details.

The Story of Pandora
$15.00    (A4)
The Riddle of the Sphinx
$15.00    (A4)

Other Books
As Easy as Pie Piano Scales
Full Colour Edition
As Easy as Pie Piano Scales
Black & White Edition

Ten Pretty Butterflies
A perfect gift.

Super Teacher Series

How to Love Mondays and not be frazzled by Friday!

Getting to the Heart
of Learning Problems

From Bully
to Model Citizen
Bad Behaviour

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Enjoyment     Visualisation     Understanding     Pronunciation     Vocabulary     Speaking     Seeing     Hearing     Writing     Reading     Thinking     Listening     Communicating    


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