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Mighty Mouth Movers

Enhancing teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

Mighty Mouth Movers is a set of two books the Student Book and the packed-to-the-rafters-with-ideas Teaching Manual. These two books offer teachers

Mighty Mouth Movers - Student Book

44 unique rhymes to bounce your mouth and tangle your tongue. The Mighty Mouth mover rhymes were written to make the serious business of teaching literacy and in particular how to speak, read and use English a playful but rigorous learning adventure.

The world of wonder comes bouncing into the classroom as each rhyme is explored, helped in no small measure by the illustrations of Sydney artist, Noeline Cassettari.

A4 format.    


Mighty Mouth Movers - Teaching Manual

The Teaching Manual provides a cornucopia of deeper learning possibilities regarding content expansion, method variations, stretching more able learners, unusual revision and re-teaching ideas, oral language confidence-boosters, listening-skill and thinking development projects.

It provides new ways to assess progress giving teachers the ways and means to make the daily and on-going literacy journey a powerfully successful one for all abilities of student.

A4 format.   


* If class sets are purchased (minimum 20 Student Books), the discount price for the Student Book is $14.00

Please contact Ellie Hallett with your order details
for class sets.



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