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Super Teacher Series

Enhancing teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

This series of books offers teachers practical ways to help make the school day much more productive and a lot more enjoyable.

Specialist research findings on all sorts of topics have been coupled with decades of the author's classroom experience.

In a nutshell – within these books is the reassuring voice of experience ready to guide the classroom practitioner with tried and true ways to effectively manage the hazards of the typical school day – and come out shining. The result is a very readable, helpful and practical professional resource.

The school day can then be something to look forward to – for you the teacher, and for the children in your care.

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A handbook of classroom management for primary school teachers, maximising the potential for all learners.

When learning is done well, it is glorious, momentous and life-changing. Done poorly and it is destruction of a most grievous kind. Ignored or by-passed completely and it becomes missed opportunities verging on neglect.

This volume of over 130 pages contains a multitude of workable solutions to make high-quality teaching a reality.

A4 format.     Price:  AU$35

Why is bullying becoming such a chronic problem?

Research all over the world keeps saying that bullying and bad behaviour are not only on the increase, but are becoming more deep-seated and vitriolic.

This book includes over 170 pages to help of understand the causes of bullying, and provides workable classroom strategies which can bring about life-changing benefits to everyone who perpetrates, suffers or witnesses bullying.

A4 format.     Price:  AU$35


Solutions to rescue the teacher from the torment of student misbehaviour

We have all observed classes where one teacher has perfect discipline while for another teacher with the same group of children on the same day the children behave like untamed wildcats in a cage. Why is this so? What is the difference between the teacher who has good disciplinary control and the one where even the 'good' kids misbehave?

Explore answers to these and other challenges facing teachers today.

A4 format.     Price:  AU$35

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Each book in this series has been written to help those still at university, those starting out in their teaching career, and those wanting ways to re-energise their classroom procedures, ideals and methods.

You will find that many of the topics covered are not mentioned during training, nor found in most How to be a Teacher textbooks. But so often these are the very topics that make the difference between sinking or swimming.

These handbooks are thus dedicated to teachers wanting to make their day a lot less stressful - and much more glorious.


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