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Books by Ellie Hallett

( ... from which all the other literacy books grew.)
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Oral Language in Action - The Mighty Mouth Movers Series (three books).

Very Loud Poems - suitable for classroom reading, stage performances through to bedtime reading at home. Print ready. Very lively!

Very Loud Stories - six titles. Perfect for home and school reading. Partner reading/drama with lots of action-packed first-person dialogue to bring the stories to life and into the here and now. Each reader becomes the characters. (Can be noisy!)

Ten Pretty Butterflies - This picture counting book has been receiving rave reviews. For younger readers aged 3-6. Hard copy can be ordered now.

All the above books have been illustrated with the help of the phenomenally talented artists at As a long-term subscriber, it is with heartfelt thanks that I acknowledge this wonderful website and all those behind the scenes who have made this facility possible.

Easy as Pie Piano Scales - Now available to purchase. Accurate fingering for all scales in Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor. Has been written in both a colour (with red and green port and starboard colours for the L and R hands as well as a black and white version. Makes playing scales both hands together MUCH easier. Click here for details and how to purchase.



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