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Literacy Teaching Manual

As the name suggests, this book provides ideas, suggestions and a multitude of ways for the time-poor teacher be able to present a whole raft of high-powered comprehensive lessons. [Topics]

The information here is easy to read, and topics can be cherry-picked to suit the needs of the teacher.

It references all of the books in the Reading Works series, providing multiple and varied aspects of language education that are covered within each of these books.

As a demonstration of how many lessons are possible from just one row in one book, an example from the Vowels book (click here) has been given the 'full treatment' of what is possible.

As a teaching resorce, this book of lists is a perfect springboard for teacher-directed language activities. These include spelling, creative work (both oral and written), dictionary games, research skill development, reporting, hearing small differences in words, and much more.

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