My Book of Charts

Off the wall and on your desk

This booklet is a personal copy that fits on your desk to overcome the disadvantages of wall charts which can often be hard to see at a distance.

The charts suit different English accents and regional dialects.

The spelling in the charts is British English.

Why this book is good

The hands-on book of charts was written after observing how high-on-the-wall charts have turned into remote and unused room decorations rather than being valuable and accessible learning aids.

By being in booklet form, ideally a copy owned by each learner, they are more likely to encourage selfteaching and impromptu re-visits because of their ownership bond, familiarity and visual closeness.

The pictures have been selected carefully to not only illustrate each word, but to also stimulate teacher-led and reading-buddy oral sentence-making.

Expert teaching along with self-learning stimulates 'bricks and mortar' deep learning to transform a tentative reader into an independent and confident thinker and communicator.

Ellie Hallett Books - Australia