Wonder Words

A super collection of English language word families

The 70+ pages are graded in difficulty with space on each page for own-choice word memory writing.

It is available in hard copy or as an eBook.

Hard copy
AU$25 (incl p&p in Australia)

Forwards and Backwards

These A5 books will help develop vocabulary and decoding skills.

14 pages
14 pages
14 pages

An automatic and smooth left to right eye movement is essential for decoding all words, but especially ones that are easily reversed.

Having a secure left to right oral and aural phonemic awareness promotes better reading for meaning in both out-loud and silent reading. The fish swimming from left to right on each page help develop this word-tracking accuracy.

How to use these books

The importance of reading practice, repetition, oral sentence creation, writing by copying and then writing from memory cannot be over-emphasised regarding their value in literacy teaching and learning.

Independently re-reading this book many times (similar to a musician practising a piece of music) and in many different ways to keep the learning fresh will help each learner build their word-recognition ability to recognise any of the words in this book at a glance. Meaning and vocabulary extension will come from oral language activities first by hearing the teacher/ reading coach model how to create sentences, and then by learners in the group creating and saying their own made-up sentences using the words.

Many sessions of teacher/reading coach demonstrating how to write words, phrases and sentences using selected oral sentence examples extends reading and word recognition skills and, most importantly, the ability to visualise words and predict their spelling. Writing practice also locks in tactile word memory and letter formation accuracy. Dictation and creative writing are an exhilarating culmination of what has gone before.
NOTE: Spelling errors should be unknown. Good teaching and repetition will make this possible.
Enjoy the journey!

Alphabet Swing!

The NEW alphabet action poem or song

Alphabet Swing! teaches lower and upper case letter recognition as well as the basic phonetic sound for each letter.  Guaranteed fun!

Fully illustrated in colour, and the easy-play piano score is included.

(includes p&p in Australia)

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More information

Why this alphabet version works so well

  • Learning the letter names (graphemes) and their phonetic sounds with actions provides a secure pre-reading foundation for the literacy journey ahead.
  • The letter names and their sounds are set out in short phrases to suit the breathing capacity of young children.
  • The pitch intervals of the song are easily negotiated by beginner singers.
  • The letter-groupings are structured in small sets to make the memorisation of alphabetical order easier.
  • No letter names are rushed or garbled.
  • Visual, oral and aural learning is simultaneous.
  • Fun is had with the swing movement and the clap, flap, meow, ping, and zip snappy words and actions.
  • The w (said or sung as double-you) is a fun highlight!