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All the books by Ellie Hallett are focused on helping children and adults to read English.

c for cat doesn’t tell the whole story. Even with explicit teaching, synthetic phonics, sight words, repetition and a mountain of good intentions, there is a risk that the other ‘c’ words are left out of the teaching focus.

Consider the following examples:
   c as in cents,
   c as in brick,
   c as in church,
   c as in Michael or
   c as in race.

This can be devastating for an inexperienced reader.

The ed at the end of started is different to the ed in missed.
The i in rabbit does not sound at all like i for igloo.
The e for egg does not tell the truth in words such as have, love, give – even when the long vowel mat-mate rule is applied.

However, and assuming all the above English anomalies are taught, this is still not enough.

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About the Author

After many decades teaching in Australian Primary and Secondary schools, Ellie has spent the last 10 years putting the practical experience of classroom into books that are readily accepted and absorbed by both students and teachers.

Ellie is a fully qualified and experienced primary teacher, literacy specialist, piano teacher and composer, writer of children’s plays and performance poems, music education specialist and classroom management problem solver/consultant.

To fit in all these qualifications and experience means she is no longer a young chick but a wise older lady with a lot to give to those still travelling the road.

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