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  • What Am I? – Naming objects in colour groups to expand vocabulary and develop left to right eye movement.
  • Oral Language in Action Series – For Pre-Schoolers and Pre-Readers.
  • Also see more early childhood resources in MUSIC (below).
  • Vintage Pictures and Rhymes – the gifted artists and poets of the past have delighted children for generations.
  • Time to Rhyme – a comprehensive phonemic is brought to life in this book.
  • Pocketful of Nursery Rhymes – the recognition of rhyming words is an essential part of any pre-reading and pre-writing literacy programme.
  • Loud Poems for Noisy Kids – s wide variety of energetic poems to delight children of all ages.
  • Slick Limericks – 35 limericks in all, each one new in content but written in the traditional limerick style.
  • Toad – a vocabulary-rich poem written for readers and listeners who love descriptions that are highly visual and a bit gory!
  • The Impossible Poem – suitable for one, two or three performers and whole-class discussions.
  • Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby – traditional story every child loves. Suitable for the whole class in groups of three or four.
  • The Elephant’s Child – Rudyard Kipling story, dramatised by Ellie Hallett. This is an essential story to know.
  • The Great Cake Mix Tragedy – perfect for Assembly
  • Captain – going on a cruise told in rhyme by the Captain; includes glossary of nautical terms; entertaining illustrations.
  • Storm! – a story poem – includes a video with sound track.
  • Ten Pretty Butterflies – a counting rhyme. Visualisation, observation, engagement and some puzzles as well.
  • Three Little Pigs in rollicking rhyme. Perfect for memorisation and performance.
  • Shared Reading Read-Out-Loud Stories – 18 titles; favourite children’s stories that can be read row-by-row by partners and small groups, or as a story told by the teacher.
  • What am I? – Naming objects in colour groups to expand vocabulary and develop left to right eye movement.
  • Oral Language in Action Books 1, 2 and 3 (Pre-Schoolers; Beginner Readers; Budding Actors).
  • How to Draw the Sun – social conversation with a partner; learning cooperation; sharing ideas; pleasure of friendship.
  • Scripted Plays – The Story of Pandora; The Riddle of the Sphinx
  • The World’s Toughest Tongue Twister – this book is a mouth-moving, tongue-twisting enunciation workout so listeners will understand WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!
  • Read in Rows – Three Billy Goats Gruff; Henny Penny; King Midas and the Golden Touch (advanced vocabulary).
  • Mighty Mouth Movers – The vowel sounds of language reign supreme in this book. (bike beak back buck bake book … )
    Unique word study of explicit spelling, meaning, vocabulary and creative thinking. A year of lessons in each book. Highly appealing illustrations prompt oral language discussions.
    Two versions with Teaching Manuals.
    Encourages clarity of speech – hence the Mighty Mouth Movers name!