Version 1
Copy and Colour

This book is 28 pages PDF
(7 pages A4 double-sided becomes a folded A5 booklet).

$10.00 +pp

Version 2
Colouring, puzzles and creativity

This book is 50+ pages
A4 landscape

$20 +pp

How to use Version 1

  • The sun is the theme for this learn-to-draw book, with a different scene depicted on each page.
  • Each sun can be made by tracing around a circle size that best suits the composition of your picture.
  • Sturdy paper disks and coins are perfect for this.
  • Copy each picture scene bit by bit, measuring lines, distances, curves and angles carefully with your eye.
  • By copying, you will notice shape, direction, line, colour, tone, texture and perspective more accurately, and learn that patience to go slowly gives a better result.
  • The aim of this book is to introduce you to the pleasures of drawing by opening a door to a new skill of self-discovery and creativity.
    Have fun!