How to draw the sun

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This book is 32 pages and will best suit being printed as an A5 size stapled booklet (8 pages A4 double-sided).

How to use this book

The sun is the theme for this learn-to-draw book, with a different scene depicted on each page.
Each sun can be made by tracing around a circle size that best suits the composition of your picture.
Sturdy paper disks and coins are perfect for this.
Copy each picture scene bit by bit, measuring lines, distances, curves and angles carefully with your eye.
By copying, you will notice shape, direction, line, colour, tone, texture and perspective more accurately — and learn that patience to go slowly gives a better result.
The aim of this book is to introduce you to the pleasures of drawing by opening a door to a new skill of self-discovery and creativity. Have fun!

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