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These books, Oral Language in Action for Pre-schoolers, Beginner Readers and Budding Actors, have been graded to

  • enrich vocabulary development
  • teach correct pronunciation
  • develop spoken language fluency
  • encourage creative thinking and logical reasoning.

These books include a feast of ideas, teaching notes and suggestions for high-quality learning.

Each page has teaching suggestions, and has the potential to lift literacy learning out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

More information on each Oral Language in Action book

Oral Language in Action for Pre-Schoolers and Pre-Readers

Vitally important aspects of pre-school oral language literacy are covered here, including conversation development, vocabulary usage and extension, being able to recite rhymes, see and name the detail in picture talks, and maintain focus when listening through verbal comprehension.

All are tucked in together with lots of laughter and fun.

“Your child will need well-developed communication skills when it’s time to start going to school – to make friends, learn new things, and start learning to read and write.

“About one in 10 children needs help developing normal speech and language skills. Without help, it’s a struggle to listen and talk, it’s difficult to learn to read, and it’s hard to play with other children.”

“Communication skills are critical to your child’s future success.”

Quotes from a pre-school speech and services organisation.

Oral Language in Action for Beginner Readers

Oral language is not only essential for literacy development – it influences all our social and academic outcomes, plays a vital role in our self-talk – and helps define the sense of who we are. It is our tool for learning, thinking and being.

This book provides the busy teacher with practical easy-to-implement ideas to promote and invigorate oral language in the classroom.

The sounds of language (i.e. phonics) are introduced here as you’ve never seen them before. Written exercise suggestions are a small side salad rather than the main course. (Learners will love not having to fill in another worksheet or push a pencil for long periods of time.)

Every page enables learning to be vigorous, emotionally satisfying, thorough and successful.

Oral Language in Action for Budding Actors

All children love to pretend to be someone else, and this book gives them the goods to be confident speakers, able thinkers and imaginative participants in all sorts of energetic group and partner activities, the likes of which you have never seen before!

Be prepared for laughter and magical moments, so surprises, novelty and the unexpected are unabashed features of this book.

It has been designed so that there is something for everyone, but it will be especially appreciated by talented and gifted learners because the “sky’s the limit ideas” within its pages.

Briefly, this book will help develop:

  • speech clarity and word articulation confidence
  • visualisation skills for better reading and listening comprehension
  • vocabulary enrichment and usage
  • performance skills
  • memorisation abilities
  • self-expression confidence in both school and personal life
  • independence of thought
  • concentration, perseverance and the ability to stay on-task
  • social skills in working with and in a group
  • the ability to engage with others in conversational interactions
  • improvisation and creative language abilities.

The learning is rigorous, the expectations high and the suggestions often fanciful –  but the outcomes will be extraordinary. This book explodes with ideas that will turn your learners into confident and articulate speakers and users of English.