45 pages A4
$45.00 +pp

English Vowels

30 sounds for the 6 single-letter vowels in English (a e i o u and y as a vowel) and the vowel sound of the schwa.

49 pages A4
$49.00 +pp

English Consonants

Thirty sounds of the 21 single consonant letters in the English alphabet 

60 pages A4
$60.00 +pp

41 blend examples where letters keep their individual sounds when placed together.

67 pages A4
$67.00 +pp

56 examples of letters that have a new sound when placed together.

16 pages A4
$25.00 +pp

The schwa is one of the most important sounds in English – and one of the most misunderstood.

Advanced English vocabulary and word knowledge

24 pages A4
$34.00 +pp

70 contractions together with a sentence for each that entertains as well as informs.

39 pages A4
$40.00 +pp

Correct common spelling mistakes by understanding Homophones and Heteronyms in English.

45 pages A4
$35.00 +pp

Over 200 words, pictures and sentence examples are here to help spelling accuracy become the norm. 

64 pages A4
$45.00 +pp

195 word and sentence examples enhance vocabulary and widen general knowledge.

Reference books for teachers and advanced students

34 pages A4
$55.00 +pp

This reference book sets out all the letters of the English alphabet with their many and varied sounds and silences.

50 pages A4
$75.00 +pp

53 IPA letters for every sound in English with its letter and letter groups has been arranged for easy access and high-level learning and understanding.

90 pages A4
$65.00 +pp

Nuts and Bolts book provides ideas, suggestions and a multitude of ways for the time-poor teacher be able to present a whole raft of high-powered lessons to strengthen the Reading Works series.

Click here for My Book of Charts – off the wall and on your desk charts – which reinforces this series. Ideal for students to download and use as a reference they will soon find indispensable.

Explicit Teaching

To give you an idea of how many lessons are possible from just one row of one book in this Reading Works Series, follow the links below.

Click here for a sample of lessons from the Vowels book.

Click here for a sample of lessons from the Consonants book.