Reading Works Series

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Read, write and understand English – these books are suitable for beginners through to adults.

For classrooms, home-schooling, private tutors and self-learners.

Click here for My Book of Charts – off the wall and on your desk charts – which reinforces this series. Ideal for students to download and use as a reference they will soon find indispensable.


30 sounds for the 6 single-letter vowels in English (a e i o u and y as a vowel) and the vowel sound of the schwa are set out here.

Hard copy
45 pages
AU$45 (incl p&p in Australia)


Thirty sounds of the 21 single consonant letters in the English alphabet are set out here in an easy-to-follow system to ensure success.

As a demonstration of how many lessons can be achieved from one row in this book please click here.

Hard copy
49 pages
AU$49 (incl p&p in Australia)

English Consonants


This book has 41 blend examples where letters keep their individual sounds when placed together. Sentences showing context and meaning are included.

Hard copy
60 pages
AU$60 (incl p&p in Australia)


This book has 56 examples of letters that have a new sound when placed together.

The words and sentence examples demonstrate where digraphs are found in words. This concept helps learners see these letter combinations more clearly. The result is more fluent and accurate spelling and reading.

Hard copy
67 pages
AU$67 (incl p&p in Australia)

The Schwa

Spelling errors and incorrect pronunciations are frequently made because of an unawareness of this neglected sound.

For those unfamiliar with this important sound, a simple explanation is provided.

Hard copy
16 (highly valuable) pages
AU$25 (incl p&p in Australia)


This collection has over 70 everyday contractions together with a sentence for each that entertains as well as informs.

Hard copy
24 pages
AU$34 (incl p&p in Australia)

More advanced English vocabulary and knowledge


Plural nouns without s and collective nouns with sentences are set out in this unusual book.

195 word and sentence examples enhance vocabulary and widen general knowledge.

Hard copy
64 pages
AU$45 (incl p&p in Australia)

Homophones and Heteronyms

Homophones have the same sound but a different spelling and meaning as in aisle, I’ll and isle. Teachers and students will find this collection particularly valuable.

Heteronyms have the same spelling but a different meaning, pronunciation, and/or part of speech, as in the noun and verb, record and record.

Hard copy
39 pages
AU$40 (incl p&p in Australia)

Silent Letters

Only three letters in the alphabet are never silent in English.

Over 200 words, pictures and sentence examples are here to help spelling accuracy become the norm. Repetition of the reading and writing of these words is encouraged.

Hard copy
24 pages
AU$35 (incl p&p in Australia)

Reference books for teachers and advanced students

Letters and their Sounds

This reference book sets out all the letters of the English alphabet with their many and varied sounds and silences.

They are presented in a thorough and systematic order that makes learning English easier and much more logical.

Hard copy
34 pages
AU$45 (incl p&p in Australia)

All the Sounds of English
and their IPA Letter Groups

Every sound in English with its letter and letter groups has been arranged for easy access and high-level learning and understanding.

The 53 IPA letters are an extremely useful resource for students of all ages.

This book is particularly helpful for those wanting to improve their spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Teachers, advanced students and anyone learning English as an additional language will find this book invaluable.

Hard copy A4
50 pages
AU$68 (incl p&p in Australia)

Literacy Teaching Manual

As the name suggests, the Nuts and Bolts book provides ideas, suggestions and a multitude of ways for the time-poor teacher be able to present a whole raft of high-powered lessons to strengthen the Reading Works series.

The information is easy to read, and topics can be cherry-picked to suit the requirements of the teacher.

See the look inside for a list of contents and how it is that teaching ‘a for apple’ can cause problems.

As a demonstration of how many lessons can be achieved from just one row of one book in the Vowels to IPA series, click here. 

A4 hard copy 90 pages
AU$65 (incl p&p in Australia)

Sets of Books – special price

Set 1: Vowels, Consonants, Blends, Digraphs, The Schwa, Contractions

Purchase this 6 book SET at the special price of AU$250 (incl P&P in Australia). Please note that all books in this set are A4 landscape, wire bound.

Set 2 – Uncountables (plural nouns without s), Homophones and Heteronyms, Silent Letters, A-Z Letters and their Sounds, IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) – every sound in English and all their written letter patterns.


Purchase this 5 book SET at the special price of AU$200 (incl P&P in Australia). Please note that all books in this set are A4 landscape, wire bound.

Set 3 – The 11 book set

Purchase this set of 11 Reading Works books at a special price of AU$500 (incl P&P in Australia). Please note that all books in this set are A4 landscape, wire bound.

You will also receive a FREE PDF copy of the 90 page Nuts and Bolts Literacy Teaching Manual.

Nuts and Bolts English language teaching manual