It’s Time to Sing!

Twenty original songs have been set out in two editions: an illustrated Children’s Songbook Reader, and an illustrated Teacher’s Book.

All except two songs, all were written and composed by Ellie Hallett for Prep to Year Six children, combining reading, general knowledge, vocabulary development, social togetherness and of course, singing!

The Teacher’s Edition has piano music, ideas for actions and teaching suggestions for every song.

36 Pages A5

$9.50 +pp

40 Pages A4

$19.00 +pp

Keep, love and treasure forever books …

Research the many benefits of nursery rhymes. You will be amazed!

36 pages A4
Full colour
$45.00 +pp

20 pages A4
Full colour
$29.00 +pp

Best Ever Read Music by Drawing

Students love this Hard Copy workbook to the extent that they grasp the concepts immediately and want to keep exploring further under their own steam.

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Alphabet Swing!

The NEW alphabet action poem and song where no letter names are rushed or garbled.

Alphabet Swing! teaches lower and upper case letter recognition as well as the basic phonetic sound for each letter.  Guaranteed fun!

Fully illustrated in colour. An easy-play piano score is included.