The NEW alphabet action poem and song

Alphabet Swing! teaches lower and upper case letter recognition as well as the basic phonetic sound for each letter.  Guaranteed fun!

Fully illustrated in colour.
An easy-play piano score is included.

A5 16 pages

Contact Ellie for other purchase options – Big Book, Upper and Lower case A3 posters, and sets of ten A5 booklets.

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Why this alphabet version works so well

  • Learning the letter names (graphemes) and their phonetic sounds with actions provides a secure pre-reading foundation for the literacy journey ahead.
  • The letter names and their sounds are set out in short phrases to suit the breathing capacity of young children.
  • The pitch intervals of the song are easily negotiated by beginner singers.
  • The letter-groupings are structured in small sets to make the memorisation of alphabetical order easier.
  • No letter names are rushed or garbled.
  • Visual, oral and aural learning is simultaneous.
  • Fun is had with the swing movement and the clap, flap, meow, ping, and zip snappy words and actions.
  • The w (said or sung as double-you) is a fun highlight!