19 pages – A5
All colour
$9.00 +pp

This book is suitable for classrooms through to boardrooms.

It is a mouth-moving, tongue-twisting enunciation workout so listeners will understand WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

Read this book out loud and often

As well as being a lot of fun, this book will help you achieve a multitude of benefits including:

  • improved speech clarity and confidence
  • good mouth-muscle strength and breath control
  • pronunciation accuracy and rhythmic consistency
  • thinking ahead of your voice to achieve vocal fluency
  • being expressive by varying pace, pitch and dynamics
  • having a speaking voice that holds listeners’ attention
  • possessing a wide vocabulary for higher-level thinking
  • realising that a fine speaking voice is a valuable social and personal asset
  • discovering that practice really does make perfect
  • relishing unusual words for their jubilant exuberance!